"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

Albert Einstein


Au début de la saison, j'ai subi une grave blessure à la suite d'une chute dans une course. J'avais perdu confiance en mes aptitudes. J'ai rencontré Chantale qui m'a appris plein de trucs pour retrouver ma confiance. Elle m'a aussi appris à visualiser, une technique très importante pour optimiser l'entrainement. Après quelques séances, mes performances ont montés en flèche et j'ai connu une fin de saison infernale sur le circuit de la coupe du Québec. J'ai apprécié mon expérience avec Chantale Lussier, car j'avais besoin de motivation dans mes compétitions de vélo de montagne. Merci beaucoup!!!

Marc-Antoine GuimondMarc-Antoine Guimond
Competitive Mountain Biker

Community Service

At Elysian Insight, we believe in being active citizens in our community, engaged with the world around us, and as best as we can paying forward the blessings in our lives to others. There are a number of different ways that you can find the people of Elysian Insight being of service in the community:

Running with a Purpose: 10K for Right to Play

Chantale, her husband Armin, and a great number of friends of Elysian Insight can be seen running at various fundraising running event in the Ottawa-Gatineau region including The Ottawa Race Weekend in support of the Ottawa Hospital Foundation, the Canada Army Run in support of the Canadian Forces Personnel Support programs (CFPSA), including Soldier On and Military Families Fund, The CIBC Run for the Cure in support of breast cancer research, and education and awareness programs, as well as The Santa Shuffle Fun Run in support of The Salvation Army to assist families and individuals in need during the Christmas season and throughout the year. While our participation in these numerous community races help to raise awareness and support a variety of diverse worthy organizations, at Elysian Insight we have decided to focus our efforts by running throughout the year for one organization, the Right to Play

The Right to Play
10K for Right to Play

As Mental Performance Consultants, we know first hand the immense positive impact inherent in sports participation. Physical and mental wellness is greatly enhanced through children's involvement in both individual and team sports, and support the holistic growth and development of active citizenship by learning to live and play together in Peace.
Please refer to Elysian Insight’s Right to Play Team Page to support our efforts and/or join us to RUN n’ FUNdraise as a team member!

Team Moogly: Team Moogly

Moogly is a 5 year old, male, golden retriever with a beautiful dark red coat, an immense heart, and unlimited zest for life. Armin and Chantale were lucky enough to be chosen by Moogly as his adoptive human parents at the The SPCA of Western Quebec. Though already weighing more than 70 lbs at the time, he decided to sit on Chantale's lap after our very first walk together, as if choosing us as his forever family, or so we keep telling ourselves anyways! Having done basic puppy training with Moogly during his first year, we then enjoyed a footloose and fancy free year nurturing our special bond with Moogly. During this time, Moogly got to enjoy many firsts as a much loved member of our family: first camping trips, first swims, hiking, fishing, canoeing (we have yet to tip over, though we've had a few close calls!), snowshoeing, and puppy snow angel making, just to name a few of his favorite activities.

Team Moogly

Moogly is a social dog who particularly enjoys a few canine friends' company, including his forever girlfriend Maggie, and his best buds Axsel, Zack, and Heidi. In living with Moogly, we’ve come to see how much joy he brings to so many all around him in the human world too. He seems to have joyfully embraced the role of neighborhood mascot, drawing kids of all ages to him on his daily walks. His energy, playfulness, and love of people, and the great outdoors, is delightfully balanced with a calm, centered, peaceful spirit. Chantale personally experienced this therapeutic, caring, loving side of Moogly after she experienced an invasive abdominal surgery in the summer of 2010. As soon as Chantale returned from the hospital, Moogly immeditately smelled her belly, instinctually checking out the new scar, and seemed to understand. He patiently stayed by her side giving a seemingly endless abundance of love throughout her recovery at home.

Team Moogly

Visiting seniors in Wakefield, QC (since 2010) and a certified R.E.A.D. Team (since 2012), Moogly demonstrates week after week, an incredible understanding of the loving task involved in his OTD work. Equally at home visiting with a patient in bed, having a child read a book to him, or enjoying a care-full walk with a senior, Moogly thrives in his work and gets all "smiles" as soon as he sees his red OTD scarf! A very loving and giving dog, Moogly is more than happy to visit with kids and grown-ups alike, enjoying walks, story time, grooming, or just a good cuddle time. He is also an incredible listener and never seems to tire of "big hugs", "high fives", or giving "kisses"! Chantale and Moogly completed their introductory Dog Therapy training at Best Friends Dog Training and are thrilled to be of service on a weekly basis through Ottawa Therapy Dogs. As such, Team Moogly is now active in Animal-Assisted Activities (AAA), and Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) work at various locations in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. Please contact Ottawa Therapy Dogs for more information and/or to request a special visit by Team Moogly!

Ottawa Therapy Dogs