"That is why athletes are important, why records are important. Because they demonstrate the scope of human possibility, which is unlimited. The inconceivable is conceived, and then it is accomplished."

Brian Ganville, "The Olympian"


Chantale, you are so warm and caring that everyone feels completely comfortable sharing with you. You are non-judgmental, understanding, and know when to push and when to back down. You are amazing! We love you! I think that about says it. You truly are an extraordinary person who helps bring out the best in others. I am extremely grateful for this experience. I can't imagine how I would have gotten through without it. It is through your guidance that I know and believe in myself as an artist. It is through the skills, strategies, books, that you have taught/given me that even though I am nervous for my future, I can't wait to explore!

Nicola HenryNicola Henry
Contemporary Dance Artist
2008 Graduate,
The School of Dance


At Elysian Insight, we believe that "supporting your performance on the world stage" means supporting you and the development of your mental skills and habits of excellence, nurturing greater self awareness and presence, knowing who is on your team unconditionally, and being highly informed both in terms of available service and product resources. This is why we did the research for you!

We realize that a little reading on the road, a weekly audio practice, or a regular, mindful body-work practice would nicely compliment the mental skills training we do together. However, we realize that there are so many products on the market that finding the "right one" for you could be an exhausting task. After all, while there are a lot of informative and inspired products out there, there is also a lot of rubbish. We know you are committed to excellence, and therefore have much better ways to invest your time and energy than to try and find the right reading,

On the left, you'll find four tabs accessing our various affiliate stores. There, we have scoured their inventory to find the BEST readings, CDs, and DVDs to support your mental and physical wellness, training, and recovery, be it at home, or when you are traveling to perform/compete all over the world. As athletes and artists, your needs are particular. We feel these products can help you achieve the goals you've set for yourself, and enjoy a healthy and joyful journey along the way!

Go ahead and splurge a little! After all, you train so hard. This is an important component to creating YOUR success! Happy shopping!