"...we have to look into ourselves, know who we are, know what we believe in, what it is we want, and we have to connect with the fierceness... there is always a necessity for compassion, loving, kindness, praise... but also we have to kindle the fire of fierceness. We need to understand the intense happiness, the intense joy of being in a just battle."

Alice Walker


Thanks so much for all you've done for our dancers my girls both adore you! I really mean it when I say the gift you have given them of self-esteem, confidence, and personal presence is priceless to me as a parent, as well as to my girls. Looking at life through your positive outlook has made a difference in [their] lives What you've done for Steinbach Cultural Arts Center and Stoney Brook Dance Co organization is tremendous second to none!

Cynthia Rempel Patrick
Executive Director
Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre


Want to know what our clients thought of their experiences with Elysian Insight? Read testimonials below and throughout our website on the left hand side.

Carla MacLeod - Assistant Coach, Hockey Canada U18 Women's National Team
2010 & 2006 Winter Olympics Gold medalist, Women's National Hockey Team

Carla MacLeod
I had the chance to watch Chantale work with our U18 Women's National Hockey Team over the course of their journey from summer selection camp to World Champions. Her connection with the players, as a team and as individuals, was paramount in the team achieving its goal. Her knowledge and experience, coupled with a willingness to work with the coaches and adjust or tweak topics as the tournament went on, kept our group ahead of the curve and prepared for every situation they may have faced. Chantale's delivery is very interactive and unassuming, she's focused on the athlete and ensuring they're getting maximum benefit from each session. Maybe the greatest quality I saw was, you learn very quickly that she believes in you but when you're done working with her, you believe in you!

Pierre Alain - Head Coach, Hockey Canada U18 Women's National Team

Pierre Alain
It was an immense pleasure to get to know Chantale Lussier. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity of knowing an extraordinary woman who has dedicated herself to human beings. Her love of life can be read on her face every time you meet. She brought to our team a breath of fresh air, joy, positivity, and especially confidence. The discourse that Chantale holds, is one that is grounded, based on the philosophy of doing what we do fueled by passion, for the love of our sport. Her perspectives led the way to a sense of confidence in our process, on the work that we do week to week, well before the competitive event: Have confidence in your training, trust your strengths, your teammates, and last but not least trust the team's vision and plan. Finally, she encouraged us to trust the present moment.

Thank you so much Chantale for your incredible support, your work, and your contagious joy for life along with the confidence you brought to our U18 Women's National Team 2011-2012. World Champions in the Czech Republic, January 2012. (photo credit: Jana Chytilova, IIHF)

Sylvie Desrosiers - Director Contemporary Dance Programme, The School Of Dance

Sylvie Desrosiers
Chantale is an excellent teacher/consultant, she is very well organized, her objectives and goals always clearly outlined. Her focus and dedication makes her a pleasure to work with. She is spirited, generous, thoughtful and extremely reliable. She is also very dynamic, internally grounded and focused on the task at hand, qualities that are essential in nurturing a group of young dance artists/athletes. Chantale, very sensitive to group dynamics, foresees upcoming issues and puts in place the necessary support systems. She has proven to inspire high achievements from the students; she explains very well the details of the strategies and skills needed to achieve the dancers work and objectives. She has also proven instrumental in guiding the students/dancers to access their peak performance level. Chantale is also fluent in both French and English, which makes for communication with all staff and dancers very accessible. I am positive Chantale would be an excellent addition to your team. She would support the team and their goal with intent and efficacy.

Tony Milo - Academy Director, Tony Milo Tennis Academy & Carleton Tennis Centre

Tony Milo
Chantale radiates a positive energy that is hard to match. To entice 13 and 14 year old boys to talk about their feelings is not an easy task, yet she does it with patience and compassion. The boys enjoy their sessions and work with her and we appreciate how prepared she always is with her lesson plans. She is an important part of helping them achieve their goals and take their game to the next level. In sports, fitness is important - but so is the mind. Chantale helps my players prepare mentally for all their challenges.

Thanks again for your work with the boys